90% of the ingredients used by OZN are derived from sustainably grown, plant-based raw materials such as wood, potato, beet, spelt, sugar cane, cassava or corn.

We place very high demands on our nail polish and want to offer a high-end product. For this reason, we have developed a base that is not only plant-based but also guarantees optimal durability, coverage as well as a short drying time. In addition, we have added vitamins A, C, E and Pro B5 for the perfect care. These vitamins nourish and strengthen the nail and maintain its natural flexibility and strength. The result can be seen, no more brittle nails, no more splitting and no more bending.

As an owner-managed brand, it is very important to us to be authentic and above all transparent. Therefore, we inform our customers in detail about the ingredients we use. You can find an overview of the ingredients of our lacquers with an explanation of the individual INCIS here. In addition, we provide more detailed information about certain substances in our NEWS category. Of course we are always available for further questions by email or phone.

Our OZN lacquers are not only plant-based but also 22+free. A list of all substances we do NOT use in our lacquers can be found here.

At OZN, we do not use any substances or color pigments of animal origin for our vegan nail polishes, such as carmine, a red pigment obtained by squeezing Nepal scale insects. This animal dye is used not only for classic red, but also for pink, purple, brown and many other shades. In addition to carmine, there are also pigments such as guanine, which is often used for iridescent effects and consists of fish scales. But care lacquers can also contain animal ingredients such as keratin. Keratin is extracted from hair, horns or hooves. However, we do not only refrain from using ingredients from killed animals, but also from using any animal substances such as beeswax. And of course our lacquers are CRUELTY FREE, i.e. without animal testing.

In addition, our production also runs strictly according to Halal guidelines. This means that even in the lubricants, running oils and greases used in production machines and filling machines, there are no animal products, just as little in cleaning & disinfecting liquids. There is no parallel storage with animal products and we have our own machines and filling lines for our vegan products.

We fill all our paints on site at our factory in Germany and ALL the ingredients we use are also made in Germany.