Nice to meet you

OZN was founded in 2015 by David Gerrlich and Nina Skarabela. Nina studied graphic design and has an eye for beautiful things, she also works as a psychotherapist. She is the face of the brand. David has been a manufacturer in the cosmetics industry and producer of OZN for over ten years.


"I love nail polish, I'm a nail polish junkie! But I also love people and beautiful things and the idea of creating something that is 100% in line with my ideas and principles. My many years of experience in the beauty field has taught me many things, but especially that I can and want to sell only something that I myself find totally super and would buy the same myself!

With OZN, I am in the wonderful position of being able to do just that. As the creative head of the label, I can dedicate myself entirely to the artwork and products, while my awesome business partner David takes care of all the commercial stuff.

Our lacquers are all made from a plant-based formula and are vegan. For me, this has a lot to do with respect towards people and things, I want, even if I sell something "unimportant for life" like nail polish, that it gets something valuable and was created with love and passion. That's exactly what our customers then also feel exactly and love it. I think it's important to consume with heart and mind. Quality-conscious and sustainable."



Pflanzenbasierter Nagellack aus der Natur

As an owner-managed brand, it is very important to us to be authentic and above all transparent. Therefore, we inform you in detail about the ingredients we use. In addition, we explain in more detail about certain substances on our beauty blog. Of course, we are always available for further inquiries via email or phone.

90% of the ingredients used by OZN are derived from sustainably grown, plant-based raw materials such as wood, potato, beet, spelt, sugar cane, cassava or corn.

Take your vitamins!
For the perfect care we have added vitamins A, C, E and Pro B5 to our lacquers. These vitamins nourish and strengthen the nail and maintain its natural flexibility and strength. The result can be seen, no more brittle nails, no more splitting and no more chipping.

OZN is not only plant-based, but also 22+free!

Since transparency is very important to us, we have created a list of the good raw materials that are contained in our nail polishes. In addition, you will also find a list of ingredients that we do not use at OZN.

We do not use this! We use this!

Veganer Nagellack von OZN auf Basis von Pflanzen aus der Natur

We at OZN do not use any substances and color pigments of animal origin for our vegan nail polishes. In addition, our production runs strictly according to Halal guidelines.

  • Of course, our products are made without animal testing. For example, carmine, a red pigment obtained by squeezing Nepal scale insects.
  • Frequently used in cosmetics is carmine, a red pigment obtained by squeezing Nepal scale insects. This animal dye is used not only for classic red, but also for pink, violet, brown and many other shades. In addition to carmine, there are also pigments such as guanine, which is often used for iridescent effects and consists of fish scales. But care lacquers can also contain animal ingredients such as beeswax or keratin. Keratin is extracted from hair, horns or hooves.
  • Our production runs strictly according to Halal guidelines. This means that even in the lubricants, running oils and greases used in production machines and filling machines there are no animal products, just as little in cleaning & disinfecting liquids. There is no parallel storage with animal products and we have our own machines and filling lines for our vegan products.
  • Made with love in Germany! We fill all our paints on site at our factory in Germany and all the ingredients we use are also made in Germany.
Nachhaltige Verpackung und Kompostierbarer Kunststoffe bei OZN Nagellacks der Natur
Sustainable packaging

At OZN we try to be as sustainable as possible. Especially the packaging is close to our heart, for example the lid of our nail polish bottles is made of a compostable material.

  • The lid and the safety closure of our lacquers is made of lignin. Lignin consists of bio-polymers of natural fibers and natural additives and is a by-product of industry, it accumulates annually worldwide to about 50 million tons. The cover can be put in the green garbage can, in the industrial composting plant decomposition takes place by adding microorganisms and their enzymes. Composting contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. IMPORTANT: before the lid ends up in the green garbage can be sure to lift out the brush and peel off the label because these are not compostable!
  • The brushes are made of vegan, synthetically produced brush hairs and webs of bio-based polyamides.
  • All inks are food safe. Mineral oil-, soy- and hazardous substance-free (organic) printing inks based on vegetable oil from sustainable cultivation.
  • The bottle is made of 60% recycled glass.
  • The outer packaging is made of certified paper from sustainable forestry or recycled paper and is vegan. Climate neutral with FSC certification as well as WPV code of conduct certified. Only vegan and food safe adhesives are used.
Veganer Nagellack von OZN auf Basis von Pflanzen aus der Natur

We use 100% green electricity from renewable sources in Germany, of which 25% is self-generated. Our office is also paperless, all processes, contracts and invoices are digitized.

  • Energy and heat generation at OZN:
    We use 100% green electricity from renewable sources in Germany, of which 25% is self-generated. In addition, we use 100% of our own heat production and 25% recirculation of production heat from the machines and 75% from our own heat module by burning sustainable raw materials from the wood industry (chips and wood waste).
  • Office and administration at OZN:
    Paperless office through digital processes, contracts and invoices. Low energy office, electronic equipment upgraded in 2020 to the latest standards for electricity savings.
  • Shipping and logistics at OZN:
    Reduction of unnecessary plastic packaging as well as reduction of unnecessary empty space in packaging of products and transport to the customer. Climate neutral parcel shipping and low energy shipping label printer and EDP.
  • Production and recyclables at OZN:
    Consistent separation of all production waste and targeted return to the recycling cycle or environmentally compatible disposal.
  • General sustainability of OZN suppliers:
    Production with climate-neutral electricity and climate-neutral gas. All products are produced according to EU framework regulation 1935/2004/EC as well as 2023/2006/EC.
  • A certificate from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is available for all materials. This tests packaging for the chemicals that can be used and their maximum concentrations.
Dein Lieblingspinsel bei Nagellack gibt es bei OZN Vegan.

With all OZN color lacquers, you will find a thick and a thin brush next to the bottle with the lacquer in the packaging. So you can easily choose your favorite brush and switch between the two brushes as needed.



1. Wähle Deinen Lieblingspinsel

2. Entferne die Sicherheitskappe aus der Flasche

3. Setze den Pinsel in die Flasche ein

4. Schraube den Deckel auf die Flasche auf

Zum Wechseln einfach den Pinsel mit einem Papiertaschentuch umfassen und ziehen, dabei den Pinsel leicht zur Seite drücken, um ihn aus dem Deckel zu lösen. Jetzt einfach den anderen Pinsel in die Flasche einsetzen und den Deckel wieder aufschrauben. Die Pinsel bestehen aus veganem Pinselhaar und Stegen aus bio-basierten Polyamiden.