Nina Skarabela
2017-03-09 12:34:00

Those who know us know that all our OZN lacquers have names and most of them also have a name godmother. These can be friends of mine, beauty and fashion editors or bloggers who I know well and who I can thank in my own way for their help and support.

Our newest colour, an unusual beige, has now been named after a man for the first time. Sebastian Trägner, better known as TRAEGI, is a model, social media professional (on Instagram he not only promotes himself, but also looks after the social media channels of cult tailor Herr von Eden) and also likes to wear nail polish as a guy. We have to support that, of course, and so TRAEGI is now getting his own polish!

May his flair and courage for fashion and style bring a little colour into the sometimes rather grey (fashion) world of men, we think it's great when men dare to do something! TRAEGI proves quite impressively that this can also be quite sexy.

You can buy the nail polish here: TRAEGI