NEW IN: The OZN Remover can with a new look!

Nina Skarabela
2017-07-06 09:17:00

Since 3 July 2017, one of our BESTSELLERS, the nail polish remover box, has a new look! Previously, the box was made of plastic, but we have now changed it to glass. The new glass box not only looks much better, it is also 100% in line with OZN's philosophy of producing as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible and also making sure that the packaging is easy to recycle.

For those who are not yet familiar with our nail polish remover can, how does the remover in the glass can work? The sponge inside has a hole in the middle and is soaked with 70ml of nail polish remover, just stick your finger in, twist, done. We use the solvent dibasic ester for our nail polish remover. This clear, colourless liquid is odourless and absolutely ecologically compatible. Like all OZN products, the nail polish remover is VEGAN & MADE IN GERMANY and of course CRUELTY FREE, no animal testing!

OZN Nagellackentferner Dose