Nina Skarabela
2019-10-26 13:20:00

One of my personal highlights in beauty blogger heaven has always been the digital beauty & travel home BARE MINDS by Elina Neumann from Berlin. Elina writes about beauty tips, hair trends, shows make-up tutorials, selected products and techniques from the cosmetics cosmos that interest me as an adult woman. I also love looking at her pictures and photo series because she has an incredibly great style of her own - somewhere between classic and clean-cool. She's also become a really dear friend and I always try to meet her for a quick beauty talk when I'm in Berlin.

So I couldn't have asked for a better cooperation partner for our new autumn colour. Elina has chosen a dark smoky blue-grey in a very stylish and trendy way. This colour is already my absolute favourite for the coming months.   

Just in time for the launch of OZN X BARE MINDS, BARE MINDS has been given a complete makeover and now shows an even more beautiful side. So be sure to check it out at!