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Interview with Evi Weidl from BEAUTERY MUNICH!

22.06.2018 19:05

GORGEOUS IS THE MASTERPLAN: Evi spoils her customers every day in her BEAUTERY MUNICH with a selected assortment of German premium natural products. Besides classic skin-treatments waxing is offered, you can get a blow dry or tint your eyelashes. In addition, Evi has the best mani and pedicure in town. Painting is of course done with products from OZN! We met her for some quick questions:

Dear Evi, your cosmetic studio in Munich-Schwabing is THE hotspot when it comes to treatments and manicures. What makes BEAUTERY so special?
Hidden in a quiet backyard you won't find an ordinary studio. beautery Munich is more like a small apartment with cosy colours and Scandinavian furnishings to feel good. There are no waiting times either. Appointments are arranged individually. This way, each customer is treated individually and receives full attention.
Which products do you work with and why? Which are your private favorites?
For treatments I use the products of Susanne Kaufmann. The products just feel great and smell very good. This is not always a matter of course with organic products, but it is extremely important. This alone achieves a great feel-good factor. For the varnishing of the hand and toenails I use of course the varnishes of OZN. The choice of colours and the quality speak for themselves. In addition still vegan and from Munich... there I could simply not differently than residents of Munich Kindl. I also use these products privately. There's no special treatment.
Which beauty tips can you give us girls for doing at home? 
Don't exaggerate! Less is more! Don't test too many products. The constant change is not good for the skin. Bring a clear and regular routine into your care habits.

BEAUTERY MUNICH, Römerstraße 14, 80801 Munich, Phone: 089 / 12255108,

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