NEW IN: the new spring colours JULE and JANINA!

Nina Skarabela
2018-03-01 14:45:00

This year's winter felt twice as long as usual and although I'm a big fan of colour in my wardrobe and don't only wear colourful shades in summer, I still feel like wearing muted shades on my nails during the cold season.

All the more reason to look forward to our two new spring colours JULE and JANINA! JULE is a really beautiful pink with a hint of orange, flamingo is probably the best description. And JANINA, I think of eucalyptus, a smoky grey-green. Both colours have a hint of hippie and I can't wait to take them for a walk on my nails.

NEW IN: die neuen Frühlingsfarben JULE und JANINA!