Color of the Year 2017: GREEN!

Nina Skarabela
2017-02-23 15:29:00

OZN Goes Green - Meet Josy & Mitra!

Pantone always presents the colour (or colours) of the coming year in December and for some time now these COLOR OF THE YEAR have been playing an increasingly important role in the fashion and beauty industry. Especially since the colour selection is not made arbitrarily, but always follows a deeper meaning. Last year's colours, for example, a rose and a blue that merge into each other, were also a statement for gender equality.

In 2017, the choice fell on the theme GREENERY. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute sees this colour of the year 2017 as a symbol of the burgeoning longing for new hope in a complex social and political environment. "'Greenery' symbolises our growing desire for a renewed connection and unity with nature and our fellow human beings." 

But green is not only the colour of hope, it also stands for new beginnings, freshness and youth. After a long winter, the first green shoots herald the long-awaited spring.

Since we at OZN are also longing for the first signs of spring, we have launched two new shades of green to match the theme, JOSY, a rich olive green, and MITRA, a beautiful, lush grass green. And of course we have many more great greens around the GREENERY theme.

OZN Nagellack Trend ist die Farbe Grün