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Interview with Dr. Nina Kraus from Greenglam in Augsburg

13.07.2017 16:39

We are very fortunate that we are able to distribute OZN in some very extraordinary and wonderful stores throughout Germany. The storeowners are as dedicated to their "babies" as we are to OZN. Therefore, we decided to introduce those stores to you in our NEWS Section every now and then.

This week we are introducing GREENGLAM, one of the most beautiful organic beauty stores in Germany. Pharmacist Dr. Nina Kraus runs the store with a lot of passion. She was also one of the first to take OZN into the assortment.

Dear Nina, you are a pharmacist by training. At the same time, you are the proud owner of one of the most beautiful and largest organic beauty stores in Germany. How did this come about?

I owe this to my husband, Stefan! 10 years ago, we had to reinvent our pharmacy. It was the time of the upheaval - the first cheap chains pushed to the market and in Augsburg a price battles was raging. We quickly noticed, our pharmacy had to change. The move to a new premise offered the opportunity to make a fresh start. In order to compete, we had the choice to either sticking labels with "30% on everything" on our products, join a chain or come up with a brand new concept. We asked ourselves: What are we able to do and what do we actually want to do? Since we both wrote our PHD thesis about medicinal plants and always bought organic, the answer was quickly found - we can and love green!

We were offered the opportunity to grow a medical garden and we set up a homeopathy department. In order to make the concept work, I bought the first natural cosmetics products, which were not lagging behind on conventional cosmetics in effect and luxury - on the contrary! It was like coming home: I almost never used any creams, because I felt as if enclosed in a plastic bag. The new creams smelt heavenly natural like herbs and my skin was glowing!

The offer grew and my husband was convinced of my plans. As the demand for natural cosmetics grew, he surprised me with an online shop, which he designed himself! The success proved him right and GREENGLAM became too big for the pharmacy building anyway, and I had to look for new premises. On my way to work, I discovered in a side street these wonderful, spacious rooms in the historic Fuggerpalais. There was room for so much more: almost 300 square meters for a flagship store and a spa, where my customers can be advised and pampered at the highest level!

Why do you think that "natural cosmetics" are so successful and where will the trend go in the coming years?

They work! And the producers keep their fingers on the pulse of time. Natural cosmetics are young, dynamic and very effective. Even conventional companies advertise (almost exclusively) with natural active ingredients. Nature knows what's good for you!

I see two potential developments - the first one is “Top Performance”: exquisite plant extracts and active ingredients from nature are used to create the most luxurious and effective anti-aging products. The other development is “Handmade with Love, No Frills“: products are created in loving handwork. Many companies like Soapwalla have been developed in their own kitchen, with much love and enthusiasm. It seems that for the natural cosmetic scene, the kitchen is what the garage was to the computers. This is where the most amazing and innovative product lines are created.

What do you particularly care about when selecting the brands and which products are your personal favourites?

There is a lot of gut feeling involved and I feel immediately if a brand fits to us or not. I must love it myself. The ingredients, the story, the packaging must be right. The brand must really love, live and breathe "green"!

My favourites, which I also use every day, are: Anti Oxidant Face Cream from The Organic Pharmacy, the deodorant by Susanne Kaufmann, the Make-up Palette POP by rms beauty, Kira by OZN and the Mascara by Kjaer Weis!

Your business is the perfect playground for any woman who loves beauty. What do the customers get besides an incredible selection of great brands? Do you still have dreams and plans?

The store is our heart and soul: here we learn what our customers really care about. We offer spa treatments, makeup tutorials, master classes and manicures at greenglam.the store. My co-workers are all trained make-up artists and / or beauticians – except the bosses! (Laughing). I experience daily that my pharmacist skills are required when it comes to demanding drug related questions or skin problems.

I still have plenty of plans – sometimes too many, according to my husband ...  I love my work and I see in every problem a possibility. I'm just bubbling over with ideas and we are currently working on three beautiful new projects. We are producing our own brand greenglam.the edition together with some of our other brands. The first edition was an OZN Nail Polish for Valentines Day and a new varnish is going to follow soon. At the moment we are growing very fast and strong and we are looking forward to expanding our team. My new book is in print, the next one is planned and I working on new products (created in my kitchen, where else). So it stays exciting and never boring, because the passion and love for my job never fails!

Interview with Dr. Nina Kraus from Greenglam

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