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Nina Skarabela tells you what OZN stands for

"I love nail polish, I'm a nail polish junkie! But I also love people and beautiful things and the idea of creating something that is 100% in line with my ideas and principles. My many years of experience in the beauty sector have taught me many things, but above all that I can and only want to sell something that I myself find totally super and would buy myself in the same way!

With OZN, I am in the wonderful position of being able to do just that. As the creative head of the label, I can devote myself entirely to the artwork and products, while my great business partner David takes care of all the commercial stuff.

Our lacquers are all made from a plant-based formula and are vegan. For me, this has a lot to do with respect for people and things. Even if I'm selling something "unimportant" like nail polish, I want it to have value and to have been created with love and passion. That's exactly what our customers feel and love. I think it's important to consume with with heart and mind. Quality-conscious and sustainable."