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25.05.2019 12:48

"You'll never see a rainbow if you just look down," Hollywood star Charlie Chaplin once said, expressing his positive attitude to life.

For thousands of years, the rainbow has stood for a connection between earth and sky and leads to the land of fantasy, dreams or happiness. The old wisdom says that our inner life is like the outer one. And so the colours of the rainbow also influence our inner life, because they transmit impulses to our psyche. The seven colours stand for the seven chakras, the seven days of the week and the seven moods.

With the right colours we can influence our life, our heart and our ideas. With rainbow colours we can not only set our nails in scene, but also send a signal to ourselves and our environment.

RED is the first colour of the rainbow. It gives us strength, courage, stability, willpower and assertiveness. In the chakra teachings red is assigned to the sacral chakra. "Valentina by OZN" is the perfect choice to tackle something new. Simply apply and let the paint work its magic on your nails and then tackle exciting projects.

My tip: Red nails are a classic and always work. I'd rather wear the nails short, which makes them casual and modern.

ORANGE is the colour of sexuality, sensuality, joie de vivre and our thoughts. In the chakra teachings it is assigned to the sacral chakra. Orange awakens creative and creative powers in us. The nail varnish "Merve by OZN" is just the right thing for a portion of inspiration! Plus: The slightly pastel orange shade is totally trendy in 2019!

My tip: Orange is perfect for the summer and is excellent for any type of brown skin!

YELLOW is the third colour in the rainbow. It promotes our self-esteem, stands for individual personality, balances emotions and strengthens our decision-making ability. Yellow is the colour of our solar plexus chakra. "Sarah by OZN" acts like a booster for our inner power. It connects us with our inner center, our personal sun.

My tip: Yellow nails may take some getting used to at the beginning. But yellow is absolutely trendy and meanwhile one of my favourite nail polish colours!

The fourth rainbow colour is GREEN. The color of nature is assigned to our heart. It promotes love, compassion and empathy. Green strengthens our self-healing powers and stands for the power of spring. "Mitra by OZN" is the right choice to connect with the beauty of life, to open our access to art and nature and to recognize harmony in things.

My tip: If you think completely green-green nails are too much, you can combine lighter green with very dark pine green. Differently lacquered nails are mega in the moment anyway.

The fifth chakra gives us creativity and promotes communication skills. BLUE is an ideal colour to learn better, to solve complex tasks or to overcome our shyness. "Eileen by OZN" is the perfect nail polish for those with inner restlessness and nervousness. It provides for more balance and promotes the generation of ideas.

My tip: Blue has meanwhile become a real classic and especially in summer extremely beautiful, even on the toes!

INDIGO stands for our third eye, for wisdom, intuition, consciousness and fantasy. It is also the colour of loyalty - also to oneself. With "Yasim by OZN" we connect our soul with our inner dreams. Indigo helps us to expand our consciousness and to understand ourselves better.

My tip: If blue alone is too unspectacular for you, you can apply a matt varnish or a white dot to individual nails. Nailart light.

The seventh color of the rainbow is VIOLET. It is assigned to the crown chakra. Violet promotes our spirituality and gives us inner peace as well as trust. The violet nail polish "Pauline by OZN" helps us in moments when we are looking for "meaning", need new inspiration and are in the mood for endless dreams.

My tip: I would wear purple nails for a look that is colorful but not colorful, i.e. a yellow dress, a green trouser suit, a pink combination of blouse and skirt.

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