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OZN at the KaDeWe in Berlin!

18.11.2017 12:26

Ah what an honor! With OZN we are allowed to move into one of the largest and most prestigious department stores in Germany! The KaDeWe is much more than that, a superlative shopping world with many top international brands and brands, some of which are not available anywhere else in Germany. On a Saturday up to 8,000 customers flow through the house and a large part of them are tourists from all over the world.

The beauty area on the ground floor in particular is known for its variety of brands and exclusivity. Being allowed to present our complete product range there makes us a bit proud! From mid-2018, the entire beauty area will also be rebuilt and many of the commercial brands will have to go. KaDeWe would like to focus more on niche brands in the future and I think this is very courageous and for small indie brands like us and this is of course a great opportunity, not least because so many international customers are also paying attention to us in this way.

So stop by in Berlin, be inspired by the great ambience of the KaDeWe and browse through all our wonderful colours!

OZN at KaDeWe in Berlin!

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