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NEW IN: OZN Nail Polish Remover in the limited GREEN EDITION!

22.06.2017 08:13

As a special summer treat, we are proudly presenting our bestselling Nail Polish Remover as a limited GREEN EDITION.

The normally colourless liquid has been dyed slightly green and, of course, the label has been adapted accordingly. You may be asking yourself, why are we doing this? The answer is simple: We want to raise awareness for environment protection and nature conservation.

A part of the profit from each GREEN EDITION Nail Polish Remover bottle, will be donated to a large German Association, committed to ecological agriculture and healthy food, climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies, the protection of endangered species, the forest and water. Obviously it is equally important to save the rainforest. However, this time, we decided to help locally!

Due to reasons of data protection, we are not allowed to give the exact name of the Association and the amounts. However, you can always send us an email at hello@ozn-vegan.deif you like to know more about this fundraising activity.

OZN Nail Polish Remover in the limited GREEN EDITION!

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