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New Look: The OZN Remover with the Miracle Sponge!

06.07.2017 09:23

As of July 2017, one of our BESTSELLERS, the OZN Remover with the Miracle Sponge is available in its new design! The OZN Remover, which until now came in a plastic container has been upgraded to glass! The new material does not only look much better, it also corresponds fully to the philosophy of OZN: OZN aims at producing as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible and also to ensure that the products are easy to recycle.

For those of you, who havenít heart about our OZN Nail Polish Remover with the Miracle Sponge, here is how it works: In the jar you find a sponge with a little hole in the middle and is soaked with 70ml of our Nail Polish remover, just insert the finger, turn it, and the Nail Polish is gone! Our OZN Nail Polish Remover contains dibasic ester (DBE). It is odourless, contains provitamin E and aloe vera gel to moisturize and nurture the nails. VEGAN & MADE IN GERMANY. CRUELTY FREE, no animal testing.

OZN Remover with the Miracle Sponge

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