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09.03.2017 13:07

Those of you who know OZN are aware that our OZN Nail Polishes are named after female beauty or fashion icons, friends or bloggers who support us. It is our way to thank them for all they have done for us.

Now for the first time ever, we chose a male name for our new colour. This colour, an extraordinary beige is named after Sebastian Trägner, aka TRAEGI, a model and social media pro (who is among others also in charge of the social media channels of cult-tailor Herr von Eden), as a guy, also likes to wear nail polish! We from OZN obviously have to support this and decided to give TRAEGI his own nail polish.

With his flair and courage for fashion and style, TRAEGI brings a little colour into the sometimes rather gray male (fashion) world. He proves quite impressively how sexy this can be!

You can buy TRAEGI here!

OZN Nagellack Treagi

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