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Interview with Stephanie Zürn from CAPRICORN STORE in Munich!

13.03.2018 15:08

The CAPRICORN STORE is a small, very fine second-hand store in Reichenbachstrasse in the heart of Munich. In addition to Preloved garments there are also very sweet new things, jewellery and selected beauty products. We are also represented with OZN and met with owner Steffi for a short interview.

Dear Steffi, in your CAPRICORN STORE you sell very high quality designer second-hand fashion, but you also have some small accessory, jewellery and beauty labels like OZN on offer. Why this station wagon, why second hand?

I myself love second-hand shopping and the feeling of discovering something very special that seems to be made for you.... When I then moved on with the plans for my shop, the basic idea was: Second-hand has to get out of the dusty corner! I really wanted to show that buying second-hand can be a very good alternative to fast fashion madness. According to the motto - rather a really great part than several that are just so purple.

In order to create a contemporary environment for my Preloved garments, I started to choose small fine labels that fit my concept. All in all, I would like to offer my customers a creative place where they can browse extensively and find everything from New Year's Eve dresses to presents for their best friend - no matter whether new or vintage!

What do you pay special attention to when selecting brands and which products are your personal favourites?

I see my store as a small boutique and try to choose very carefully. When it comes to second-hand items, style, quality and condition have to be right. When it comes to new products, I'm particularly interested in brands that also follow a clear line. Preferably brands that produce sustainably, regionally and/or handmade. I am concerned about real hearts pieces - about the delicate zodiac string, which is worn like a lucky charm every day - or about cosmetics, which is free of "nasties" and which one uses with a clear conscience every day. I am glad that awareness of the origins and ingredients of products is growing again today. That's why my customers like the OZN lacquers so much. The list of favourite colours is huge, Amelie, Kira, Adriana and the Bare Minds Special Edition are currently in first place.

Do you still have dreams and plans?

The best thing about having your own shop is that you actually live your dream. You have the chance to make a difference every day. It may be difficult times for the retail trade, but there are also many new opportunities - for example through Instagram & Co., through cooperation with other shop owners or exciting store events on specific topics. My goal is to develop myself and my store concept further, but at the same time to remain very personal and individual.

Interview with Stephanie Zürn from CAPRICORN STORE in Munich!

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