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6 reasons why nail polish bubbles

28.03.2017 14:07

Every now and then, the question comes up, why nail polish during or shortly after applying a layer bubbles. This obviously does not look very nice. Therefore I would like to talk about the main reasons for bubbling today - and how to avoid it!

1. Residues of alcohol or oil on the nail The most common reason in my experience is that the nails were cleaned with disinfectant or nail polish remover before applying the polish. The alcohol or any other substance contained therein can react with the nail polish, leading to ugly bubbles. Also, residues of care products such as hand cream or nail oil on the nails can lead to blisters. Therefore, thoroughly clean the nails before painting, preferably with a soap that is greasing, and then dry the nails well with a towel. This also removes small skin cells on the nailbed. After that, wait until the nails are really dry as wet nails swell up a little. Thus, if you apply the nail polish too early, it can chop off when the nails contract again.

2. The nail polish / outside temperature is too warm In general, nail polishes should be stored at room temperature in a dark place. They donít like to be stored in a too warm or too cold place. Therefore, please never put the polish in the fridge, as the cold makes the polish thick. When your apartment is quite warm (e.g. in the summer) naturally, the nail polish warms up. You can pop the polish in the fridge for a couple of minutes to cool down. When polishing your nails, please stay inside your apartment and donít go outside. The warmth and direct sunlight cause the solvents to evaporate too quickly and consequently, the nail polish gets thick and might bubble.

3. Applying the layers without allowing them to dry and using too much nail polish Many of you put two layers of nail polish and/ or use a base and top coat. If these different layers are applied too quickly after another and / or too thickly, bubbling may occur. Therefore, it is best to apply the layers as thin as possible and wait a few minutes before applying the next.

4. The products donít work well together Sometimes you use a base- or topcoat from a manufacturer other than the nail polish. This can work wonderfully, but it may also lead to problems when ingredients that chemically react with one another meet. Then the polish doesnít last long or throws bubbles. Our OZN Nail Polishes are a natural fit to our Base Coat BECKY and our Top Coat TONI.

5. Shaking the bottle wildly Shaking the nail polish too wildly before application, may lead to small bubbles of air within the liquid, which are then transferred onto the nail. Therefore, after shaking, wait a little or roll the bottle back and forth in your hand, then the nail polish connects quite well, but without any bubbles.

6. Thinning out thick polish by adding a couple drops of polish remover Donít do that! This does not work and only weakens the bond between the nail and the polish. Unfortunately, if the nail polish gets too thick, you have to bin it. In principle, the colourful bottles have a mind of their own.

Nail polish is far touchier than you might think, so proper storage and handling is just as important as the thorough preparation of the nails! †

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